Regenerate Swedish Relaxation Massage Tillamook Lincoln City

Relaxation Massage

Also known as a Swedish massage, the Relaxation Massage utilizes a gentle flowing technique that works to release stress and unlock the tension held in muscles. By the end of a Relaxation Massage, your body will be brought into a state of deep relaxation.

60 minutes – $65

90 minutes – $90

Regenerate Therapeutic Massage Lincoln City Tillamook

Therapeutic Massage

Specifically tailored to your needs, this massage includes firmer pressure in specific areas of tension. The Therapeutic Massage also includes active and passive stretching, as well as deep tissue exercises. Increased mobility and pain relief are some of the benefits of choosing a Therapeutic massage.

60 minutes – $65

90 minutes – $90

Regenerate Massage Hot Stone Therapy Lincoln City Tillamook

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy utilizes smooth, heated lava stones to create a relaxing form of therapeutic massage. Stone application is included on the back, front torso, and toes. Not only does Hot Stone Therapy relax your mind and body, but also helps to rejuvenate your body with warm temperature therapy.

60 minutes – $75

90 minutes – $100